Factory Wholesale Electric Powered 24 V Motorized Normal Stair Climb Climbing Chair Wheelchair for Elderly Disabled People

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This electric stair climbing wheelchair can load 169kg down stairs without carrying or lifting,it also easy for you glide up stairs,it will help you a lot if there are someone inconvenient like keen injury,elderly, handicapped,no limit of the stairs,wooden,metal,concrete etc.

With our power wheelchair,they can enjoy sunshine every day.
Package:Plywood case or carton

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Feature of Electric Stair Climbing Chair

1. The material of electric climbing chair for frame is aluminium pipe ;high-strength painting and dull polishing make the frame more fantastic.

4. 82cm strength track,you can stop on the stairs stable.

2. Water-proof and fire-proof Nylon material seat and back. We considering your comfort and safe all the time.

5. Intelligent electromagnetic break system,when the tracks on three stairs,you can stop after your hand leave the controller panel.When you on the floor,it’s also can be power wheelchair.

3. Adjustable climbing angle,can suit for many kinds of the stairs.

6. 12inch rear wheels helps your journey farther more comfortable

Parameter of Electric Climbing Chair

Model No. EXC-3004
Overall Size 151*57*60cm
Folded Size 106*50*26cm
Seat Size 47*42cm
Carton Package size 122*62*38cm
N.W 45KG
G.W 49KG
Loading weight 169KG
Motor 120w
Battery Lithium battery  24V*15A
The height between seat and ground 48cm
Front wheel 12inch
Rear wheel 14inch
Endurance Up or down staris 83 floors,20km
Speed 40 stairs per min
Radius of turning circle 0.8M
Obstacle crossing 2CM
Charge time 3-5Hours

Video of Stair Climbing Wheelcahir

Advantage of Electric Climbing Chair

We have innovately designed a electric climbing chair for individuals who face challenges with stairs and outdoor mobility, particularly seniors and those with disabilities. Our design incorporates electric tracks and flooring, enabling easy lifting and transforming into a power wheelchair. Despite having three motors, including two for the power wheelchair and one for climbing stairs, the frame is foldable, making it highly portable and convenient to transport. The compact folded size allows it to fit in a trunk or be carried as a electric stair wheelchair, making it an ideal solution for those on-the-go.

Details of Motorized Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Electric Climbing Chair

1.The adjustable height of this electric climbing chair design for suiting different people..Any information you need ,please contact us

Electric Climbing Wheelchair

2.The track is for up&down stairs.Automatic folded tracks makes the climber fancy.More stronger stand for the track,so that the loading weight can be 169kg.We have two ways of opening the tracks.One is manual ,the other is hydraulic.The price is little different.Tell us before you order it.(link)

Motorized Stair Climbing Wheelchair

3.The 12 inch rear wheel helps crossing little stairs outdoor.The seat cushion is water-proof and easily cleaned,the pvc pillow,longer tracks.This electric stair climbing wheelchair has Comfortable and the stable domestic both.

easile operation

4.The new intelligent controller.Pushing the button and folded the tracks.

footrest of electric stair climbing chair

5. The height of the footrest is adjustable.Adjust it as you like before driving .


6. After climbing the stairs.It’s can be used as a power wheelchair.The 360 degree turning joystick makes your journey more pleasure.

comfortable aganle

7. The electric climbing chair wheels have a sturdy design that can bear weight and maintain balance for the safety and comfort of the user. In addition, these wheels also have excellent handling properties, which can help users navigate narrow doorways and corners with ease.

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